Your sister’s keeper

Cini Say Whaaat?

Earlier this week, ESPN sports anchor Jamele Hill tweeted that Trump is a white supremacist, which is a well known and documented fact. But this one tweet put her job in jeopardy after the White House called it a fireable offense.

The irony of the Trump administration calling for someone’s job based on their tweets is not lost on me considering Trump flat out LIED on Obama and wasted tax payer dollars and resources to investigate whether or not Obama wire tapped his private residence in Trump Tower based off a tweet, which has since been revealed as fake news. Dude straight up lied to the American people in order to deflect from his realfireable offenses, but I’ll leave all that to the special prosecutor.

I’m not here to discuss Trump or even irony. This post is about the flood of support Jamele Hill received in the wake of…

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