writing it out

The story I know by heart, I can’t tell here. It’s another in a lengthening line, though I’ve learned to be careful in the last decade and managed to slow it down a bit. I told the story on another blog, a place for small tragedies to be recorded. So many people commented that the story resonated with them. This fact is comforting and saddening, all at once. I’m comforted to know that I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like a lone sailor in a tiny boat, way out in the middle of the ocean, wondering why it’s so easy for others to leave me behind. I’m saddened to know that so many other people endure the heartbreak of realizing a friendship was very lopsided, that someone took and took and then walked away when they were full and happy. How does the typical person get through this? And who is luckier, the one who owns a greater capacity for love, or the one who is able to walk away from a friendship without a second thought?

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